Irrigation Wire

Tech Tent offers a line of irrigation wire to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers, where their irrigation control applications are concerned. Typical uses for this direct burial wiring includes irrigation and sprinkler valve control systems. Our product line includes five, eight and ten strand/conductor sprinkler wire on wooden spools. This irrigation wire is 18 AWG, soft drawn bare solid copper (ASTM Spec. B-3) with a robust outer jacket and insulation to meet the most demanding outdoor environments. All irrigation control wire comes on 250 foot wooden spools and is shipped within a sturdy carton. Quality sprinkler control wire at outstanding prices makes for the perfect combination.

Irrigation Control Wire, 5C, 250 FT
Irrigation Control Wire 5 Strand
Irrigation Wire 8 Strand, 250 Ft
Irrigation Control Wire 8 Strand
Irrigation Wire 10 Strand, 250 Ft
Irrigation Control Wire 10 Strand